· The Jones paper is an argumentative paper. What does that

· The Jones paper is an argumentative paper. What does that mean? Must be debatable and must supply other perspectives that are opposite of your opinion.
· Topics ( Please choose whatever topic from below that you are most comfortable with)
-The Russian Threat to the Baltic States
-Cuba Relations
-Israel and its Strategic Importance to the United States
-Mexico and the Cartels
o Your thesis must be clearly stated, focused, and included in your paper as the last sentence of your introduction paragraph and in your conclusion paragraph.
O Minimum 2500 words and no more than 2750 words (not including the title page, reference page or any appendices used).
Minimum of eight (8) resources (examples include periodicals, books, journals, research reports that are professionally edited and peer-reviewed (WikiPedia is not an acceptable source)
A maximum amount of directly quoted material in the paper is limited to 15%.
All papers will have a minimum of four level one headings with the conclusion paragraph counting as a level one heading. All students will complete and turn in a release form and a quoted percentage worksheet that is provided in the resources.
This is a process that requires the following products:
1. A research proposal/ Thesis (Due 8 December 2018)
2. Research paper outline (Due 8 December 2018)
3. Final research paper (Due 14 December 2018)