14) There are three types of orientation: work unit

14)There are three types of orientation: work unit orientation, organizationorientation, and procedural orientation.
15)Job rotation is the implementation of lateral transfers allowing employees towork at different jobs in an organization.
16)Types of performance appraisal methods include written essays, multipersoncomparisons, and graphic rating scales.
17)Variable pay systems reward employees for the job skills and competencies theycan demonstrate.
18)Studies find that downsizing is as stressful for the survivors as it is for thevictims.
19)Although most sexual harassment complaints are filed against men, thepercentage of charges filed against women has steadily risen over the pastdecade.
20)Sexual harassment is defined as any desired action or activity of a sexualnature that explicitly affects an individual’s employment, performance, or workenvironment.
21)A firm can do little to protect itself from sexual harassment claims. It isusually one employee’s word against another’s.
22)The environment in today’s organizations with mixed-gender work teams andworking long hours is undoubtedly contributing to an increased number ofworkplace romances.
23)Work-family life conflicts are less relevant for male and single employees asthey are for married and female employees.
24)Today’s progressive workplaces provide a wide range of scheduling options andbenefits that allow employees more flexibility at work and allow them to betterbalance or integrate their work and personal lives.
25)People who prefer integration are more likely to respond positively to options suchas flextime and part-time hours.