183. Explain the difference between a market and a target

183. Explain the difference between a market and a targetmarket.
184. Describe two different target markets, for twodifferent products or services you, your friends or, your family have recentlypurchased or used.
185. Imagine you have the sole marketing rights to a newherbal shampoo that stops hair loss and actually causes new hair growth. Youplan to sell your product on an Internet site, which you will advertise on latenight television. You are also hoping to obtain free publicity in men’s fashionmagazines. You are planning to sell a 16-ounce bottle for $24. 99 plus $7. 99shipping and handling.Using the information provided, identify each element ofyour marketing mix.Identify the target market for your shampoo.How can you use relationship marketing to increasesales?
186. Why do some executives feel that environmental factorsare NOT entirely outside their influence?
187. The Apple iPod is rated by Consumer Reports as beingone of the best music players in the industry. The customer may buy anddownload music by the song from the Internet. Define customer value. In whatways does the Apple iPod provide value for its customers?
188. About Halloween, kiosk stores appear in many malls.Typically the kiosks sell gift boxes of cheese, jewelry and, other items peoplethink are appropriate seasonal gifts. In January these kiosk retailers vanish.Is it possible for such a kiosk retailer to use relationship marketing? Explainyour answer.
189. Explain the marketing program Singapore Airlines usedto reach out to business travelers and contrast it to those it used to reachout to group travelers.
190. Many market-oriented, older, manufacturingorganizations have experienced four distinct stages in the life of their firms.Beginning with the early years of the United States, list and define each ofthe eras culminating with the customer relationship era.
191. Define the marketing concept.
192. What is the difference between micromarketing andmacromarketing?193. It is said that goods, services and, ideas aremarketed. Define goods, services and, ideas and give at least one example ofeach.
194. Define an ultimate consumer and an organizationalbuyer. Describe an example of a purchase from a caterer for each type ofbuyer.
195. In our free-enterprise society, which three specificgroups benefit from effective marketing?
196. Who benefits from marketing in Asian societies and,how?
197. Explain the four utilities created by marketing.
198. At the BMW website, .bmw.com/”>BMW.com, you can design your own personalBMW. If you choose to do this and purchase the car, what type of utility hasbeen created?