3 differnt things i need by monday

3 differnt things i need by monday

number 1


below is a assignemnt where 3 pages must answer the question, 1 page must be for your summary while the rest will be a combonation of all the attached papers.


The first 3 pages, describe the activities you will undertake over each of the following: next month, quarter, one year, and three yearsYou should describe what you will do to improve and maximize your role as a leader. If you are currently in a formal leadership position, what will you do to get better at it? If you are currently in a formal non-leadership position, how will you seek opportunities to lead?

The rest of the pages you will review and combine all previous project submissions, including your leadership plan into one cohesive paper. You may have to include transitions to help the paper flow from one section to the next. Your final submission should include a 1 page summary reflecting on the knowledge you have gained from this self-assessment in it.

The final prodouct must be 15 pages long total include all previous project submissions, meet APA standards for presentation including properly citing sources in APA format, and be checked for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage. 



number 2


For this written assignment, you are to analyze the phenomenon of Facebook and Twitter, and discuss in what ways social media works as a globalizing force. You should explain what the positive and negative cultural implications social media like these have, and give examples.

This paper should be 2 pages, in APA style, utilizing the college’s library resources. One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in your essay.


number 3


A critical analysis serves as a way for you to examine the different elements of popular culture discussed in this course. For your final written assignment, discuss the media forms you have written about for your previous course portfolio essays. This essay should reflect upon your experience studying each form, and make distinctions as to how each one of them uniquely reflects American popular culture.

Your essay should attempt to answer the following:

  • How are all of these forms of media connected through popular culture?
  • Is there one form of media that in your opinion is more powerful in affecting its audiences than the others?
  • Is there one medium that is more problematic for American culture than the others?

Your thesis should include the answer to one of the questions above, and be the focus of your essay. Evidence of library research is required.

This essay should be 2-3 pages, in APA style