After watching the full production of *Much Ado About

After watching the full production of *Much Ado About Nothing* and the *Act 1* and *Act 5* from the second production and reading the essay on *Context*, discuss the similarities and differences between these two approaches to the play. Make sure that your posting includes specific references to the theatrical evidence: sets, costumes, lights, style of acting, etc. Of course, you can’t cover everything, so choose what you will focus on and maintain that focus. Think about the changing contexts — the context of the plays creation, the context of 2011 (our contemporary period, generally) for the Tennant production, and the context of 1972 — the time of the Sam Waterson Much Ado. Your posting should be between 250 and 350 words, and make sure you proofread for spelling, syntax, and other writing issues.
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