Alpha Team is a digital media company of approximately 250

Alpha Team’s Software System Upgrades Alpha Team is a digital media company of approximately 250 employees electing to upgrade the organizations existing Windows operating system and hardware to Macintosh operating system and hardware throughout the entire organization for overall organizational efficiency. Operating system and equipment upgrades will allow the Alpha Team’s technology and creativity to extend to the next level for overall organizational success. Performing this upgrade throughout the organization will result in achieving a number of business needs, objectives, and requirements that will be discussed further below. IT Upgrades, Inc. will be responsible for performing operating system upgrades throughout various phases of implementation for each member within the Alpha Team organization. The work will be completed in an effort to minimize extensive interruption to the organization’s day to day tasks and responsibilities. Purpose for the project Alpha Team is a digital media company, with recent job dissatisfaction among employees with the current software products and equipment installed has led to new developments for the improvement of our software and equipment systems. MacOS has been identified to be a robust digital product that will ensure workers commitment for better performance for desired deliverables within the organization. Malfunctioning of software applications will be enabled with products that are better suited and fit for the company’s digital trend within the market. A cost effective mechanism of managing a project is required in the organization to ensure efficiency. Efficiency is important and this software transition would enable organization progress towards the envisioned objective. Which is remaining a leader in the digital media market.