Cultural Health Disparities – Class Assignments Help

Your readings to this point have documented significant differences—disparities—in health care provided for different racial and ethnic groups. This assignment provides an opportunity to reflect on, analyze, and write about group differences and health disparities.
Textbook authors Pérez and Luquis (p. 24) suggest, “[t]he reasons why we observe these disparities are not clearly understood and may be due to other factors as individual choices, differences in disease processes, or systemic barriers to care, or to any combination of these factors.”
Given that thinking, imagine that you have been asked by the regional director of health care services to select and evaluate ethnic group diseases and illnesses, disparities, behaviors, and probable causes.
Your research-based assignment is to identify and discuss health care disparities and wellness issues for a particular cultural group:
Select a population for which there is evidence of health care disparities. For this population: