Dan is a registered nursing student, day 5 of his first-year

Dan is a registered nursing student, day 5 of his first-year placement at MyLocalHospital inSmithplace; his preceptor for today’s morning shift is Registered Nurse Jane.During an unusually slow morning medication round, Dan noted RN Jane putting in herpocket paracetamol (Panadol) from the medicine room. RN Jane stated she really needs it asshe only got home at 0330 this morning from a big night out, had a “…shocking hangoverand could barely think”; she said she would be better after morning tea.RN Jane did appear unwell and Dan had to keep reminding her of each patient and evenpointed out medication discrepancies of those within his scope. Dan was concerned but themorning got busy with beds to be made before morning tea break.After lunch RN Jane directed Dan to help her with a complex vacuum dressing on thebuttock of Fred in Bed 11, a blind elderly patient. The wound was odorous and lookedcomplicated. RN Jane, already ‘unwell’ as disclosed this morning, left the room briefly for“more supplies”. Dan chatted to the patient and discretely took a couple of photo’s of thewound as he was intrigued by it and wanted to show his friends (some of which werenursing students too).The following screenshot of a Facebook post from Dan, was sent to the lecturer from afellow student later that evening.