Dissertation research: Projected Concerns and Risk

Dissertation research assignment- Risk Assessment and concerns• Your document should have 700+ wordsQuestions that must be answered in critical analysis.1. Identify the elements of concern (e.g. resources, time, cost, quality, scope,accessibility to interviewees, generation a questionnaire, distributing thequestionnaire, sample size, ability to analyze/verify the results…) of theattached project.a. Suggest what you intend to do about them.2. Identify the main project-related risks you have in your project, forexample, lack of participants in a survey/experiment, problems withsponsor, etc.a. Write what you will do if they happen.b. Write how they will affect the scope (e.g., will do qualitative insteadof quantitative analysis, will do a mockup instead of a prototype, etc.)3. Your proposal is a contract and you want to have a way out from what youpromised in case this happens.