Drawing on the literature, frameworks, arguments and

Task DescriptionDrawing on the literature, frameworks, arguments and concepts introduced in the first few weeks ofthis subject, write an 1800 word essay addressing ONE of these topics.1. In recent decades agri-food corporations have concentrated their market share and control of thesupply chains of many food commodities, both within and across sectors of national and globalfood systems. Discuss the strategies and practices used by these corporations to increase theirmarket share/profitability, and to exercise power over producers and other corporations in the foodsystem.2. Farmers and food producers have for many decades been subject to ongoing financial pressuresrelated to rising costs and flat or declining prices for their produce. Discuss the practices, policiesand dynamics of the food system that have contributed to the financial pressures faced by farmersand food producers.3. A common response to the ongoing problem of global food insecurity and malnutrition (and theadded pressures of future population growth) is to continue promoting the need for increased foodproduction. Tim Lang & David Barling refer to this as the ‘productionist’ agricultural solution (andas the ‘grow more to feed more’ approach) to food insecurity, but they highlight the failures of thisapproach to address the range of health, sustainability and equity issues associated with foodinsecurity in the 21st century (See Lang & Barling, 2012, p.315). Discuss how increasing total foodproduction does not necessarily address the range of drivers and consequences of food insecurityand malnutrition in all its forms.