environmental changes : write a proposal to do a research

environmental changes
: write a proposal to do a research project that could help you solve a problem or question dealing with some aspect of oceanography. You must base your proposal on a topic described in a magazine article or newspaper story. Magazines such as National Geographic commonly contain articles that related to oceanography. You should propose a realistic, scientific study that will contribute new and important information and thereby help solve a problem or answer a question. Describe your proposed project in a typed (double-space) paper (with figures if appropriate), and divide your proposal into the following sections (use these as headings):
Title of project and your nameStatement of Problem (~1/2 page)Proposed Research (3 pages)Significance of Research (~1/2 page — how your work bears on problem)Statement of personnel, facilities, and costs involved (1/2 page)Reference List (list books, journals, or web sites for your information)Include a copy of the main article that you used
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