Evaluate the question carefully and define any terms or

Choose one of the following questions and respond with a 2000 word (+/-10%) research essay. Please remember to do the following:Evaluate the question carefully and define any terms or ideas that are central to the question.Make a detailed plan before you start writing. Ensure that you have a strong argument, an introduction, a conclusion and well-constructed body-paragraphs. You can use Deakin’s Essay Paragraph Planner to help you.You should use at approximately ten (10) sources to back up your arguments. Importantly, at least five (5) of these must be scholarly (peer reviewed) sources like journal articles or scholarly books, and these must be used to back up your central arguments. (Get in touch with your tutor ASAP if you have any questions about this).Please use Harvard in-text referencing, and include a reference list of all materials cited in your paper.Research Essay Questions (Choose One):Are military responses an effective solution to the threat posed by terrorism?What are the major security challenges facing Australia today? In your answer, consider the contested nature of the concept of security.Can or should human rights violations be resolved through the use of force?What should states do to prevent non-state actors (such as terrorist groups) from gaining access to weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)?Is forced migration best understood as a security issue or a humanitarian issue? In your answer, consider the policy implications of each approach.What does a gendered approach to security tell us about the conduct of international relations?Imagine that human security issues are a state’s top priority. How would this alter its foreign policy objectives? Discuss with reference to Australia’s relationship with one of the following states:North Korea; OR United States; OR Papua New Guinea.Are ‘new wars’ really new? Discuss the main features of ‘new wars’ and how they are similar or different to ‘old’ ones.