Health Care and Quality Improvement Diagram

Process Mapping the Health Care Team and Quality Improvement
Identify a small quality improvement (QI) initiative in a specific health organization. QI is based on an organizational need, accreditation standards, or regulatory requirements. State your QI objective along with a brief description of the basis for the QI. Identify the roles of five paraprofessionals, health care professionals, and stakeholders needed to meet your QI objective. Involve teams as indicated. Use the tool provided to diagram the small steps (and the roles/personnel to take these steps) in order to move the QI initiative toward your stated QI objective. A flow chart may also be used.
Example: Single Site Long-term Care Facility. QI Objective: Dispose of out-of-date or unused medication properly in this facility within 24 hours of expiration of purpose. Basis: This quality indicator is needed to meet the State of Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality licensing standard. Personnel/Teams: Clinical Director of Nursing, Pharmacy Director, Electronic Health Record Team, Waste Management Supervisor and Team.  Map:  [based on a pre-determined tool]