Hello,Class: Thinking the EnvironmentI am requesting a few

Hello,Class: Thinking the EnvironmentI am requesting a few lines for the first 2 questions, nothing long their only discussion posts. 2-3 lines a piece. I don’t need citings1. Wendell Berry compares the difference between teaching a subject and living a subject. What is your understanding of what he is saying and how does that contribute to a discussion on a sense of place?2. Do you find it surprising that Gary Snyder was a logger? Does being a logger preempt a person from being a nature writer? How did this profession affect Snyderâ€s sense of place?3. Analyze Wendell Berry’s relation to that place. Questions you might consider include: How does your writer’s interaction with that specific place affect his or her perspective on it? How do these relations with a place change over time? What does your writer learn from paying attention to place? Do you consider these ideas to be “mainstream,” or unusual? Do you agree with your writer? Write two solid paragraphs, using quotations to support your statements.Thank you,