How HIV and AIDS Education may Influence young Adults to

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Research topic: How HIV and AIDS Education may Influence young Adults to change their life style in Nakuru Kenya?
QUESTION # 1 350words
Your research is based on both prior research on your research topic and published theories. A theory is a group of principles used to explain observed phenomena. While we all form theories based on our observations, published theories are based on the observations of many and include specific constructs. In public health, theories are usually related to human behaviors. In MPH 515, you studied some of the more common theories used to explain health behaviors. Theories are an important element in research, both qualitative and quantitative, as they provide the structure and the rationale for your research. For this discussion, you are to review theories of health behavior using the Theories and Models Frequently Used in Health Promotion
In your post, describe 2 theories and how they might be used to justify and structure your research.
US Department of Health and Human Services. (2002) Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook. Atlanta, CA: Appendix 3, pg. 43.
QUESTION # 2 350words
Organizing Paragraphs
For this week’s MEAL assignment, you are asked to use MEAL to organize a paragraph you have written related to your research topic. You must write and use your own paragraph. It should be at least 6 sentences long, have each of the MEAL elements, and at least 2 cited evidence sentences. Copy and paste your paragraph into this discussion area and respond to the following:
1. How does this paragraph contribute to your research proposal?
2. What are your thoughts about the MEAL strategy for organizing paragraphs?
3. How difficult was it to find at least two sources of evidence to support the main theme of your paragraph?
4. What about this did you find most difficult?
QUESTION # 3 350words
Submit Assignment: Background Literature Review
As you have learned this week, an outline is a good tool to use to ensure that your documents are organized. Writing an applied research paper can be challenging as there is much material to present. Per APA 6, scientific writing, the writing you will use to communicate your research must be organized, precise, and concise. You do not want to confuse or lose your readers due to issues with your text. Using an outline before writing a draft of all sections of your proposal will help you insure that you have met the criteria and remained organized.
As a first step to completing the research proposal, this week you are asked to complete a first draft of your background literature review using the Literature Review Template
. The section on the Background Literature Review in theThesis Proposal Outline also posted in this week’s resources should be used as a guide for this assignment. Be sure to practice using the MEAL plan you have been learning about this week as well while you write!
QUESTION # 4 350words
Once you have created an outline, you must add text in the form of paragraphs to each outline section to create a draft of your research paper. Just as organization is critical in creating your paper’s sections, it is critical in writing your paragraphs. Poorly written paragraphs may lead to redundancy and inconsistencies, as well as contribute to missing information and inadequate evidence to support your statements.
MEAL paragraph organization, with M main theme, E evidence, A analysis, and L link (or lead in) is used for the introduction, literature review, and conclusion sections in a research paper.
This week you are to use MEAL to review the Week 4 sample paragraph provided in the attached MEAL assignment
. This is a paragraph from literature review. Use the following highlight colors (as inMEALandPowerPoint to identify each of the 4 types of sentences: Yellow = M, Light Blue = E, Light green = A, and L = Grey. Then reorganize the paragraph so MEAL are presented in their correct order.