i had this writtin and i need the grammer mistakes fixed for

i had this writtin and i need the grammer mistakes fixed for the bussiness memo
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To: General ManagementFrom:Date: June 27, 2013Subject: Project status update of Installation of Transmission lines at utilityIt is to notify the management that the Transmission lines installation at facilities are as per the schedule. The expected finish time of project is August 31st 2013. If the management wishes to finish the project before deadline, more resources would be required.Management should be informed that almost 50% of the work is completed. Oroville field division is already completed with all of the overhead transmission lines installed. For the Delta field division, short lines are needed to be connected. Every resource has worked hard for last 20 days. None of the employee has taken any sort of leave and the same is expected in the near future.Management is informed that the team is working with 1 business analyst, 5 engineers and 10 technicians. Should there be a need to increase the pace of project 1 more engineer and 5 more technician would be required. That be the case the cost would also increase by a factor of 20%. It is recommended that management should discuss the cost issue with client. It is advisable that management should initiate the process of reallocating the resources once they are free on 31st August 2013.Thank you for the cooperationRegards