Information Questions The essay briefly mentioned social

Information Questions The essay briefly mentioned social media and key influencers as tools for advertising and marketing. In fact, advertising happens in more forms and on more channels. For example, big data would calculate people’s browsing behaviors and algorithmically distribute advertisements to them. I would like to know how big data has influenced e-commerce. In terms of customer behaviors, they are driven by complex social, cultural, economic factors. What are the key characters of contemporary consumers? I would name consumerism, materialism and postmodernism as starters. There is a clear age division in e-commerce. Because of the technological barrier, older people tend not to be as active as young consumers. What is the impact of age division in e-commerce and consumer behavior?
Historical Timeline The origin and development of e-commerce. The transformation of people’s attitude towards e-commerce. For example, when did people start to accept e-commerce and when did it become popular? When was the key technologies in e-commerce developed? The timeline for regulations and legislations on e-commerce.
It seems that the article does not contain any statistics related to the research topic. It is recommended that the article include statistics in the following two areas: E-commerce’s scale of sales on the major platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba, the three platforms that the essay mentioned. The follower number of the social media influencers and the turnover rate for sales.
The two areas of statistics will help to illustrate the characteristics of E-commerce as well as that for consumer behaviors.
Stakeholders How may d? For example, in the ADD example, parents would obviously be a stakeholder, but they may have very differing ideas on the idea of medicating their children – so the stakes would be different for different groups. Are each of these groups listed for your partner’s stakeholders? Also, come up with at least two more stakeholders and the associated groups within that bunch of stakeholders. Be very specific.
The stakeholders that the article listed include online merchants, large E-commerce platforms and consumers. The essay mentioned the opportunities that E-commerce brings to them. Other stakeholders include technology providers and the global governments. For example, Apple is a technology provider that provides both hardware and software for E-commerce. It also has a platform as iTunes for virtual products. Since E-commerce has become a large component in the global economy, the global governments are also stakeholders in the broad picture.
The debate of the advantage and disadvantage of E-commerce is implied. But the essay did not state clearly who thinks E-commerce have a promising future and who prefers to think it has “uncertainties and risks.” It is recommended that the essay expands its area/disagreements/controversies in following ways. Who would benefit the most from E-commerce? Their gain is whose lost? What is the positive and negative impacts of E-commerce? Who would benefit the most from the positive impacts and who would suffer the most from the negative impacts? How does E-commerce influence global economy? Namely, how would it influence the developing and developed countries differently?
The first paragraph does include context of E-commerce, but it seems that the topic is not narrowed. It is suggested that the essay narrow the research question instead of providing a broad context of the topic. There also lacks a sentence that provides an overview of the main subpoints of information that the paper will cover. For the final sentence: Based on the current structure of the essay, the final sentence should cover technology, smart devices, consumer behavior, online marketing and globalization in the final sentence. The last sentence should also combine E-commerce and consumer behavior in a logical way.
The concluding paragraph mentioned the uncertainties and risks that the author did not cover in full length. It is suggested that the author continue to research on the potential uncertainties and challenges of E-commerce. It is also recommended that the essay points out the link between the potential uncertainties and challenges with consumer behaviors.
The topic is not further narrowed in the conclusion section. Two ways to narrow it would be: The characteristics of E-commerce which are different than the traditional commerce and how do they change the behaviors of consumers? Facing the opportunities and challenges, how can E-commerce further take advantage of technology and enhance consumer attractiveness?
The article does not provide a research question about the narrowed topic. It is currently primary informational. A recommended research question would be “how does the characteristics of E-commerce transforms the behaviors of consumers in the contemporary context”?
The significance of the research question is also not mentioned. It is suggested that: The research is significant because it points out directions for the further development of E-commerce. The research is significant because it links consumer behavior with the characteristics of E-commerce.
Required Sources
The essay only include four sources from the three source types. They seem credible and up-to-date. However, two of the sources are secondary sources from Encyclopedia and Britannica. One of the sources is an academic journal composed by a credible scholar.
It is recommended that the author: Find more scholarly sources. Try to avoid more general Encyclopedia type of sources. Try to avoid direct quotes and use paraphrase.
Alalwan, A.A, 2018, Investigating the impact of social media advertising features on customer purchase intention. International Journal of Information Management, 42, pp.65-77, <>.
Asmussen, B., Harridge-March, S., Occhiocupo, N. and Farquhar, J. (2013). The Multi-layered Nature of the Internet-based Democratization of Brand Management. Journal of Business Research, 66(9), pp.1473-1483.
Final Impressions
However, from the current state, it seems that the article does not have a clear narrowed topic and research question. It is recommended that the essay clearly link E-commerce with consumer behavior and derive a particular research question. It is also recommended that the article includes more credible sources, especially academic sources to the research.
Two of my favorite things about the background essay is its easy-to-understand language and the clear structure of it. I appreciate the effort. Thank you!