Instructions ? The objective of this project is to provide a

Instructions ? The objective of this project is to provide a thorough review of the literature of the topic (title) assigned. ? Reference format: Each group receives a title and a brief reference list. The sample references should not be included in the literature review. The purpose of these sample references is to provide the style you are expected to apply to the reference list of your project. ? Reference quality: The quality of every single reference in the list should be evaluated according to raking systems, such as the ABS, ABDC, Impact Factor and SCImago. ? Page extent: The literature review, including the hypotheses, should not exceed three pages (the minimum number of pages is two). The page limit does not include the references, tables and figures. ? Format of text: The text should be A4 size, in single column pages, with 11pt font and single line spacing. ? Page numbering: All pages should be numbered. ? Figures and tables: You are not encouraged to use tables and figures. 2 Structure ? Title page: All author names, IDs and other details should be mentioned in a separate Title Page, which does not count in the page length (three pages maximum). ? Numbering: Sub-sections should be clearly defined and numbered, with heading on separate lines. ? Hypothesis: At the end of the literature review, and before the reference list, one hypothesis at least should be present.