Metallurgy project

Metallurgy project





The objective of this project is to let the student investigate some intriguing aspect of materials science using knowledge and techniques learned in class, but in an environment/time primarily outside of class.


Methods and Procedures:

Topics of investigation may be categorized many ways.  Examples include:

·         visually analyzing a failed part to determine why it occurred – and presenting your analysis

·         imaging a microstructure to correlate properties, expected or not  – and sharing your results

·         using visual inspection to evaluate the integrity of a structure – and presenting your results

·         manufacturing a material or structure – and displaying the material you manufactured

·         investigate a materials process or concept – predict and compare experimental behavior


Think of subjects you are interested in, and then explore! Get on the net, or hit the magazines.  This is a chance for you to be in control of the subject, depth and direction of investigation. 


Note: Please don’t ‘review’ a topic and hand me a copy of some internet article.  Please apply what you’ve learned in class to some materials issue that is of interest to you. 




You will upload both a report and a narrated slide show.  

The written report will include:

·         a title page; with name, date, etc.

·         an introduction (background and objective of your investigation),

·         the method you used (how did you approach your work, and what you were trying to show or find out),

·         the results of your work

·         a discussion (of your investigation, comparison with other similar materials or processes,  or other relevant information such as composition, microstructure or manufacturing methods),

·         at least four references; one of which must be your text, the text book is “Engineering Materials Technology” by James A. Jacobs and Thomas F.Kilduff, 5th edition.

·         at least four graphics  (that augment explanations, etc.), of which two are microscopic,

·         a conclusion (did your approach produce tangible results?).