Monitoring availability of servers and services is one of

Assignment DescriptionMonitoring availability of servers and services is one of the core issues that companies face in theirday to day operations. However, there are always some challenges such as at what metrics theavailability of hardware, services and applications may be considered. Additionally, it is importantto understand that what resources are being used by the servers and services while being up andrunning.For further reading, could refer to the article “IT Infrastructure-Monitoring Tools” [1]. The article isavailable on the IEEE Explore, which could be easily accessed.The assessment requires students to compare server availability monitoring tools Including (1)Nagios Core, (2) Ganglia, (3) CollectD, (4) Spiceworks, (5) Cacti, (6) Zabbix, (7) Icinga, (8) OpenNMS,and (9) WhatsUp Gold, in terms of the metrics given in the following. The students are required tosubmit a report, which includes:1. Comparison of the above server availability monitoring tools to check their performance interms of:a) Disk usageb) CPU monitoringc) Process Monitoringd) Bandwidth Monitoringe) Resource Measuringf) Overall availability2. Discuss and evaluate in detail the server availability monitoring architecture.3. Propose a solution to avoid data vulnerability in server availability monitoring tools.4. Discuss the impact of failure prediction on server availability monitoring.