MSc Dissertation Proposal Submission (via Moodle)… 1

MSc Dissertation Proposal Submission (via Moodle) The Dissertation is a piece of independent work. For the purposes of the MSc Dissertation students are expected to develop their own ideas and/or critically reflect on papers of the existing literature. When choosing a dissertation topic it may be helpful to consider the following: • A good dissertation is frequently one that examines a tightly structured problem or research question, is clearly focused, and adopts a critical approach with a relevant methodology/structure • A sound starting point may be afforded by a topic students have already analyzed in one of the taught courses. • The feasibility of a topic in terms of the availability of relevant resources such as databases should critically reflect on the most important papers relevant to their research question. • Students may have many reasons for being passionate or interested about a particular area/topic/problem, but they will need to convey the importance of this to the reader • Having an interest in the chosen topic is imp