Please answer the following questions in essay fashion

Please answer the following questions in essay fashion giving as much information as you can: 1. Please explain the difference between Bilingual Education and ESL. 2. List as many reasons as you can for why a student (or parents) might choose placement in a bilingual education classroom. 3. Why do we need a 10% population of speakers of the same minority language before implementing a bilingual education program? 4. Lao vs. Nichols is considered to be the primary law suit in Bilingual Education. Why did the Lao family sue the San Francisco public schools? What was the decision of the Supreme Court? 5. Out of the law suit, Castañada v. Piccard came the Castañada Test. What are the components of the Castañeda Test? Why is each one important? 6. Is it legally permissible for school age children who are not in the US legally to attend public schools? What is the name of the law suit that covers this situation? 7. What famous law suit was filed in New Mexico? What were the two results? 8.Salha arrived in the United States from Syria in the 7th grade. She speaks her native language very well, has been educated through the 6th grade, reads, writes and understands grammar in Arabic very well. She was an A/B student in her native country. Ricardo has immigrated to the United States with his family from a rancho in rural Honduras. Neither of his parents has an education beyond the 3rd grade, though they are very intelligent people. Ricardo is 6 years old and has never been to school. He has no knowledge of reading or writing, but he can tell great stories in Spanish about his ancestry which have been passed down from generation to generation. Of the above students, which one should be placed in an ESL program? Give as many reasons as you can as to why. Which one should be placed in a bilingual education program? Give as many reasons as you can as to why. 8. What is subtractive bilingualism? How might it affect a student? 9. We discussed a variety of language teaching methods for ESL education. They included: The Grammar Translation Method The Audiolingual Method The Direct Method The Silent Way Method Suggestopedia Community Language Learning TPR Sheltered Language Instruction Choose the method you believe would best support the Prism Model. Explain why. Choose a method you feel would not support the Prism Model. Explain why not. 10. Why is Ron Unz wrong in his “English for the Children†arguments when he says, “Young children should be able to learn English in one year�