Please ensure you access the assessment resources provided

Please ensure you access the assessment resources provided on the MyLO site to help you with your presentation. This template is intended as a guide for each group as to what content is expected within your presentation and ties in with the marking criteria. This template is not assessed but needs to be submitted in week 9 – details regarding how and where to submit electronically will be given by the end of week 8).Each person in your team should have input into this template and a suggestion is that one student take responsibility for one section to ensure fairness in development of the presentation (if you are in a group of 5 – include 2 people in one section etc.).Please ensure everyone’s name and student ID is included on the relevant section again to guide the development of the presentation.There is no word limit for this template as it is not assessable but, as a guide, please try to keep it under 1000 words (250 words per section)Student name: Rachel McLellan ID: Student name:JoungkyoungLyoo ID:459616 Student name: Michelle Karsznia ID: 449555 Student name:Nabaraj Kharel ID: Student name:Bec Perkins ID: Tutorial group name: Campus:LauncestonHealth Promotion Project Title:School Vegetable gardensWhat is the goal of your health promotion project? (What are you aiming to achieve?)To promote healthy eating through student participation in growing vegetable gardens at schools.Section 1: Community Needs Student name: Michelle KarszniaID:449555
Respond to the following questions including the rationale for your decisions: