PROJ6003 : Project Execution and Control – Management

PROJ6003 : Project Execution and Control – Management Assignment
Questions :
1.Source two project status report templates, discuss strengths and weaknesses in each and make recommendations for improvements. Discuss the challenges and pitfalls of traffic light reports.Explain the difference between the status reports provided for teams, sponsor, and steering committee. How is status reporting different between traditional and Agile project management approaches?
2.Throughout this subject you have been keeping your Reflection Journal. In this module, you will submit a 250–300-word overall reflective summary and 100-200 words for each module of your journal and learning throughout the course, drawing on material from both the module and your journal. Include how being a part of this course has impacted your personal and professional journey into the global project management field. Also, reference any challenges you experienced throughout your journey in this module and how you mitigated or overcame them. In particular, explain the importance of leadership and communications in project success. Make sure you include any relevant citations when discussing a specific concept, idea or quote, even if you have taken this idea from your personal journal.