Propose three usability principles or design validation

Coursework assignment 1Smart domestic appliances are becoming an increasing feature in the lives of the rich andpowerful. Some examples include:• Washing Machines that weigh the clothes and adjust the wash cycle accordingly.• Dishwashers that check how dirty the contents are and adjust the water usageaccordingly.• Microwave ovens that cook according to weight or time and have a variety of set menusand timing options built in.• Fan assisted ovens with timers for controlling when the oven will be active.• Vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers that construct a map of the space that they operatein.• Entertainment systems that learn about the users and propose material accordingly.• Mobile phone control applications for domestic appliances.Traditional button and dial user interfaces have been supplemented with status displays andcombination or multifunction controls. This type of interface to more complex functions presentsusers with challenges, particularly when the users are provided with functions that they havenever seen or even imagined before.• Explore the challenges that these extended functionalities present to users and thechallenges faced by engineers in producing a user interface that untrained users cancomprehend and will be able to use.• Propose three usability principles or design validation techniques that could be used toexplore this scenario in general, using examples from a variety of appliances.• Write a report giving an overview of the state of the art technology in this area of interactionand User Experience. Concentrate on the functionality, interactions and interfaces thatyou have found on existing applications and provide an assessment of their usability. Inaddition, explore the strategies that people use to learn and work with technologies thatmay be relevant in this scenario