QUESTION 30For most people, ______________ will be their

QUESTION 30For most people, ______________ will be their greatest source of stress.daily hasslesconflictscatastrophesmajor life events1 points QUESTION 31When Amber begins to feel stressed out she imagines that she is lying under the warm sun on a beach in the Caribbean. Amber is usingprimary reality.guided imagery.1 points QUESTION 32When catastrophic events result in a person making very positive changes in his or her life, then we say that person has engaged incatastrophic positivity.trauma syndrome.benefit-finding.the fight-or-flight reaction.1 points QUESTION 33The varied responsibilities of being a mother, many of which are stressful, are a good example of what psychologists calldaily hassles.conflagrations.conflicts.catastrophes.1 points QUESTION 34Whatever you do to manage a situation that you perceive as threatening is calledappraisal.coping.focusing.stressing.1 points QUESTION 35According to the research, Jeanine is more likely than James to perceive stress from concerns much to do.all of these1 points QUESTION 36Nicotine acts on our brain as a(n)depressant.opiate.stimulant.hallucinogen.1 points QUESTION 37Lakshimi is meditating. Which of the following bodily reactions would you expect not to find while Lakshimi is meditating?increased oxygen usedecreased heart ratedecreased respirationdecreased anxiety1 points QUESTION 38Which of the following would be good advice for someone desiring a healthy life?expect failure in lifeuse defense mechanismsengage in sex sparinglydevelop a social support network1 points QUESTION 39The use of psychological defense mechanisms is most closely associated withproblem-focused coping.emotion-focused coping.PTSD.the fundamental attribution error.