The factors beyond the control of the firm that influence

The External Environment:The factors beyond the control of the firm that influence its choice of directionand action, organisational structure and internal processes. (Pearce, Robinson, &Subramanian (2011).INDEX Political factors discussed here:Amount of government protests; Bilateral relationships; CompetitionRegulation (law); Corruption level; Defence expenditures; Freedom of thePress (affects Legal factors incl. transparency and corruption, and socialfreedom); Government involvement in trade unions and agreements;Government regulation and deregulation; Government stability/instability;Import-export regulation/restrictions; Level of government subsidies;Lobbying activities; Political action committees; Size of governmentbudgets; Tariffs; Tax policies; Trade control; Voter participation rates, alsocalled Voter turnout.Economic factors discussed here:Availability of credit (also known as Availability of Business Finance);Exchange rate; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); Federal government budgetdeficits; Gross domestic product (GDP) trend; Growth rate; Inflation rate;Interest rate; Level of disposable income; Per capita income; Pricefluctuations; Stock market trends; Unemployment trend.Social, Cultural & Demographic factors discussed here:Age distribution; Birth rates; Buying habits; Crime levels; Cultural norms andValues; Death rates; Education level (also known as Adult education level);Ethical concerns; Family size and structure; Gender balance and equality;Health consciousness; Immigration and emigration rates; Life expectancy;rates; Lifestyles; Minorities; Population size and growth rate; Prevalence ofMarriage and divorce; Racial equality; Religion and beliefs; Sex roles andDistribution; Social classes; Use of and access to birth control; Wealthdistribution (also called wealth inequality).This is Pest analyses report. please go through attached documents very carefully.make everything according to the university requirement.marking would be really tough. I need this to be perfect.I’ve also attached pest glossary to make your work easier.