This assessment is designed to assess your ability to:

This assessment is designed to assess your ability to:• Manage ideas and information• Establish systems to develop trust and confidence• Manage the development and maintenance of networks and relationships• Manage difficulties of networks and relationshipsAssessment T1 is a portfolio of evidence that utilises different assessment tools as specified in this document.To complete your assessment, it is recommended that you choose an organisation and industry that you are familiar with.You could consider:• An organisation that operates in an industry that you are familiar with requiring a workplace relationship strategy and plan. The organisation could be a current or past employer or could be an organisation that is listed in the ASX (this type of organisation provides comprehensive and detailed information about their operations in their annual report and website).You will develop the assessment from the perspective of a senior manager in the organisation.• The following scenario:ABC is a chain of restaurants around Australia. They have a workforce of 300 employees.Their overall org chart is provided below: