Tiger Brand Limited: Is Tiger Brands strategically ready to

Please work on the case study on the following chapters 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. Late submission is considered failure. Chapter 4 Tiger Brand Limited: Is Tiger Brands strategically ready to compete and cooperate? P.153 1. How well does Tiger Brand’s vision and mission statements help narrow down feasible alternative strategies available for the firm? MISSION STATEMENT: It is the statement that tells us that the position where we want our company or firm to be in future. VISION STATEMENT: It is the statement tells us the aim of starting our company or firm and how we can achieve those objectives for which the company was setup. Tiger brand is a fast moving consumer goods brand dealing with different kinds of shopping, durable and specific goods. The Vision and Mission of this brand is ; To be the world’s most admired branded consumer packaged goods company in emerging markets. To be a high performing, fast–moving consumer goods company with leading brands, operating across the globe in several selected emerging territories. It is very deep and reliant statement. As it wants to capture market share . It uses various kind of generic and grand strategies for achieving its goals and objectives. It narrowed downs its various strategies by telling that it want to be leading brand in FMCGs so it does not use strategies of stability as it want to adopt various kinds of diversification strategies. Through the statement we came to know that it is at growing stage and does not have to adopt retrenchment or liquidation strategies. So it’s vision and mission statement narrowed down the stability, retrenchment and turnaround strategies and wants to adopt and follow the various expansion and diversification strategies in respect to concentration and integration strategies to become the market leader and product leadership. 2. Does Tiger Brand pursue a cost leadership, differentiation, or focus stategy? Evaluate its strategic approach in comparison to its competitors. Chapter 8 Hyundai Motor Company: How would a BCG for Hyundai look like? P. 281 1. On a BCG Matrix for Hyundai, what would be the RMSP value for company’s operation in South Korea? 2. On a BCG Matrix for Hyundai, what would be an appropriate IGR value for the company’s operations in China? 3. HYMTF stocks sold for $39 on 21 August, 2015. If the stock price rises 39 percent as expected , what would the price become?