Transformational leadership is appealing to the moral values

Answer one paragraph for each question and make sure no plagiarismQ1-Transformational leadership is appealing to the moral values of followers in an attempt to raise their conscientiousness about ethical issues and to mobilize their energy and resources to reform institutions. Give an example of how a transformational leader would lead. Describe the scenarioQ2-Leadership is about more than simply having followers; it is not a title, and it is not achieved by just following a few principles. Leadership is complex, though at its core, it is having the courage to make the right choices—not just the popular ones—engaging others in a vision, and empowering followers to pursue a shared purpose of achieving a positive, lasting impact. With this in mind – describe the best leader/supervisor you have had. What made them good?Q3-Analyze the importance of internal and external sustainability audits in corporate sustainability. When should organizations catch their errors?Q4-Identify a well-known organization (or a not so well-known one) that has been “caught” in an audit nightmare. What might the corporation have done to avoid a catastrophe? Was the blunder a recoverable one? Explain.Q5-Identify an organization that has used an alternative method for developing a system. What was the method and why was it used?Q6-What business factors were considered when making the determination to use this method? Do you believe it was the right approach? Why or why not?