Write on a historical topic of interest to you. Here are a

There are many historical interests, either choose one option or the other below:
Write on a historical topic of interest to you.
Here are a few general topics. While these are too broad to write on in the entirety, choose a single event to craft a thesis for the research paper. The American Revolution emphasizing the events that occurred from the end of the French and Indian Wars to the 0utbreak of hostilities. Ask whether this period represented the true Revolution.Indian removal policies under Andrew Jackson. Focus on one aspect such as the Supreme Court decisions or what forces wanted removal and why or the Trail of Tears. The cause(s) of the Civil War.
Write on a single topic not all of them. If you are interested in writing on another topic within the time range of those of Paper 2 discuss it with me first. The assignment length is 1,500 words.Use a minimum of 3 sources and a maximum of 5. Try to use Journal articles but books are also acceptable. All sources should be written by historians and come from the Palm Beach State Library or the Databases it supports ( Journal Articles by historians are found in the JSTOR database under “History”). If you are having difficulty getting started check with a Research Librarian at the Library or use “Ask a Librarian” on the Library web site.Include a word count and a bibliography. Use Chicago Book of Style for citations and Bibliography. The Noodle Tool supports this style so try it. For Quick reference look at Turabian or A Pocket Guide to Writing in History by Mary Lynn Rampolla.These are research papers and must be based on books and other peer reviewed materials (Journal Articles and other similar sources). Examples of unaccepted sources include: Book Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries, Wikipedia, the textbook, any databases ending in .com ( Including Facts on File, Google, Yahoo, and material from other similar sites), and Films (Unless pre-approved).