Writing assignment – This writing assignment calls for you

Writing assignment –This writing assignment calls for you to provide a substantive response 1400 words on the subject of managing databases. This paper should follow a logical progression (e.g. introduction, analysis & discussion, and summary & conclusion(s)), be developed with strong referential integrity to academic sources, and strictly follow APA guidelines.Topics to include in your paper:
Basic user security (password security, and assigning system and object privileges, and roles).Describe the purpose of an index.Using primary key and unique key constraints to manage indexes on primary key and unique key columns.Describe why or why not foreign key columns should be indexed.Use of views and synonyms to provide application transparency.Uses of materialized views.Describe two database features new to Oracle Database 12c that you’ve encountered so far in the class.
Your paper will be graded on the following criteria in accordance with the posted rubric:
Coverage of all topics listed aboveAdherence to the APA formatAccuracyCorrect spelling and grammar