You are expected to write an essay (1500-2000 words, 1.5

You are expected to write an essay (1500-2000 words, 1.5 space) on one of the heroes you have seen in this course. You may choose to write about one of the heroes you have worked on in your previous response papers.While planning your essay, keep in mind issues like the lineage, birth, upbringing, types of adventures, character traits, companions, etc. of the hero.Your essay should also include an analysis of the various contextual layers of the source you are using in relation to the hero. In other words, make sure that you make the connection between the hero, the time the hero supposedly lived, the time the narrative was formed, etc.Explain why the hero of your choice appeals to you most and why.Try to focus your essay on specific concepts and arguements rather than telling detailed stories. Demonstrating your point/s with quotations may help you strengthen your arguments. You are welcome to use images if you wish, provided that you give the relevant information about the images.Please use proper citation. You may use all sources and websites mentioned in the syllabus and on Sucourse, as well as museum websites and academic databases offered by the IC. Do not consult other websites or unauthorized online sources such as Wikipedia.Please make sure that your essay has a title, a proper beginning and a proper conclusion.The aim of this assignment is to analyze the formation and representation of the character and identity of a hero.THIS is my homework about hist can you help me. ?Our hero is alexander the greatı attached our lecture notes.HIST 223 MEDIEVAL HEROES: EAST AND WESTALEXANDER THE GREATAlexander the Greatc. 200­150 BCfrom the lower agora, Pergamon,Archaeological Museum, Istanbul,TurkeyThe strong, handsome commander with one. ArrianAndrea del Verrocchio (?)Ideal Portrait of Alexander the Great1480sMarble, 43 x 33 cmPrivate collectionAlexander the Great in a Himationcopy after an original of the late 4th or3rd century BCEinscribed with the name of Menas theSculptor, but probably derived from abronze by LysipposArchaeological Museum, Istanbul,TurkeyDarius and the Persian Courtc.340 B.CAlexander taming Bucephalusc. 2nd century BCMuseo archeologico di FirenzeBlock from the Wall of the Temple ofAthena Polias at Prieneinscribed with Alexander the Great’s gift offunds to complete the structurec. 330 BCE125 cm highBritish Museum, London,A map showing the route that Alexander the Great took to conquer Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia,and Bactria.A map showing the route that Alexander the Great took to conquer Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia,and Bactria.Giovanni Paolo PaniniAlexander the Great at the Tomb ofAchillesca. 1718­1719 (Baroque)The Walters Art MuseumGiovanni Paolo PaniniAlexander the Great Cutting theGordian Knotca. 1718­1719 (Baroque)The Walters Art MuseumPlacido Costanzi, Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria, 1736­1737The Walters Art MuseumBattle between Alexander the Great and King Darius (Battle of Issos)late 2nd or ealy 1st century BC, tessera mosaic, 2.7 x 5.1 mFrom the House of the Faun, Pompeii.Probably done after a painting by Philoxenos of Eretria of circa 310 BCE.Albrect AltdorferThe Battle of Alexander1529Oil tempera on wood158 x 120 cmAlte Pinakothek, MunichAlexander Hoard(small jug with 20 drachma coins withportrait of Alexander the Great)6th­1st cent. BC, silver and terracotta,Israel Museum, Collections of IDAMAlexander Hoard(small jug with 20 drachma coins with portrait of Alexander the Great)6th­1st cent. BC, silver and terracotta, Israel Museum, Collections of IDAMAlexander Sarcophagus, oblique view,late 4th century BC195 x 318 x 167 cmthought to have been made forAbdalonymos, King of Sidonfrom the Phoenician royal necropolis atSidon, LebanonArchaeological Museum, Istanbul,Alexander Sarcophagus, oblique view, late 4th century BCE 195 x 318 x 167 cmthought to have been made for Abdalonymos, King of Sidonfrom the Phoenician royal necropolis at Sidon, LebanonArchaeological Museum, Istanbul,Charles Le Brun, Entry of Alexander into Babylon, c. 1664Oil on canvas, 450 x 707 cm, Musée du Louvre, ParisCharles Le Brun, The Family of Darius before Alexander, c. 1660Oil on canvas, 164 x 260 cm, Musée National du Château, VersaillesHIST 223 MEDIEVAL HEROES: EAST AND WESTALEXANDER THE GREAT: THE ROMANCESA map showing the route that Alexander the Great took to conquer Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Bactria.A map showing the route that Alexander the Great took to conquer Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Bactria.Deeds of Alexander the Great1400­50Manuscript (Cod. Lat. 161)National Széchényi Library, BudapestIt first began to achieve fame because of Philips many wars which he waged against the Olynthians and other Greek republics; he became king in the year 5136 after the Creation of the World.His wife Olympias gave birth to the great and wondrous Alexander, who however was not the offspring of Philip but of Ektanebos the king of Egypt, the marvellous astronomer and magician.Alexander RomanceOne night this lovely moon, arrayed in jewels and scents, lay sleeping beside the king. Suddenly she sighed deeply, and the king turned his head away, offended by the smell of her breath. This bad odor sickened him, and he frowned, wondering what could be done about it. He sent knowledgeable doctors to her; one who was especially expert was able to find a remedy. There is an herb that burns the palate, which they call Sekandar in Greece, and he rubbed this against the roof of her mouth. She wept a few tears and her face turned as red as brocade, because it burned her mouth, but the ugly smell was gone. But although this beautiful womans breath was now as sweet as musk, the king no longer felt any love for her. His heart had grown cold toward his bride, and he sent her back to Filqus. The princess grieved, because she was pregnant, but she told no one of this.ShahnamahRomance of AlexanderBodleian Library, Oxford UniversityManuscriptThey have faces like animals, with black tongues and bloodshot eyes; they have black skin and teeth like a boars. How can anyone stand up to them? Their bodies including the chest are covered with dark hair, and they have huge ears like an elephants; when they sleep they can fold an ear under them as a pillow, or spread it over them a coverlet. ShahnamahThen they marched on for six days and came to a place where there was a great thicket, from which a large number of men emerged to fall upon the army; but from the waist down they were horses.Alexander RomanceAlexander building a wall against Gog and Magog16th centuryChester Beatty LibraryWhen he reached a place between two mountain barriers, he found beside them a people who could barely understand him. They said, Dhu l­Qarnayn, Gog and Magog are ruining this land. Will you build a barrier between them and us if we pay you a tribute? He answered, The power my Lord has given me is better than any tribute, but if you lend me your strength, I will put up a fortification between you and them: 96 bring me lumps of iron! and then, when he had filled the gap between the two mountainsides [he said], Work your bellows! and then, when he had made it glow like fire, he said, ring me molten metal to pour over it! Their enemies could not scale the barrier, nor could they pierce it, and he said, This is a mercy from my Lord. But when my Lords promise is fulfilled, He will raze this barrier to the ground: my Lords promise always comes true.Quran, 18:93­99Sekandar to Queen QaydafehMay the planet Jupiter accompany your deliberations. I swear by the Messiahs faith, by his just commands, by God who is a witness to my tongue, by our rites and by our great cross, by the head and soul of your majesty by our vestments, our clergy, and the Holy Ghost, that the soil of Andalusia will never see me again.ShahnamahHe came to the house made with such toil by Abraham, the son of Azar. God named the site the House of Holiness, the goal of all Gods roads. He named it his own house, and called you to worship there: the worlds God has no need for food or pleasure or rest or comfort, but this has always been his place of worship since any place at all has existed, a place to remember God. ShahnamahAlexander saw in a dream the prophet Jeremiah, dressed in his priestlyrobes and telling him: Come, Alexander my son, march into Jerusalem, to Holy Sion, bow down to the God of Heaven and Earth, and from here you will march against Darius and defeat him with your army.Alexander RomanceAlexander visits the KabaShahnameh Shiraz, c.14351440Cambridge, Fitzwilliam MuseumAlexander at Jerusalem, Romance of Alexander, 1338­1344Bodleian Library, University of OxfordAlexander fights with dragon, c. 1330Topkapı Palace MuseumAlexander at the head of his men drives spear into the mouth of a dragonRomance of Alexander.1338­1344415 x 295 mmBodleian Library, University of Oxford Alexander and his knights stand beside a pyre, built to protect them from monsters.Romance of Alexander.1338­1344415 x 295 mmBodleian Library, University of Oxford Sekander Himself as Envoy to DaraWhats your name and lineage? The royal farr shines from your forehead as if you were a Kayanid prince. Youre too fine a man to be anyones subject: I think that you are Sekandar himself! With this farr and stature and eloquence of yours you seem born to sit on a throne.Shahnamah King Darius, it is because I so much resemble my master Alexander that I am beloved by him, and receive higher honour than others. Many people mistake me for him and pay homage to me in the belief that I am Alexander.Alexander RomanceDara to his Commanders after the Second Battle:It is a better choice To die today as men, than to remain Alive and subject to an alien reign. Whoever falters in this war and tries To save his selfish soul should realize It is the world that will be lost or freedAre Zahhak, and we are now Jamshid.We have no desire to live without the king; we are ready for battle, and we shall make the world a harsh place for those who wish you ill. We shall fight together, whether we conquer lands and provinces, or find only the earth of the grave.ShahnamahAlexander the Great and the Dying Darius Leaf from Book of Kings (Shahnama) 16th centuryWalters Art MuseumCharles Le Brun, The Family of Darius before Alexander, c. 1660Oil on canvas, 164 x 260 cm, Musée National du Château, VersaillesMarco Pino, Alexander the Great Battles the Indian King Porus, 1542­1547Alexanders Speech to His ArmyBeloved Macedonians, superior to all races, we have conquered the whole World, we have explored the Inhabited Zone, and are you now afraid of the cowardly Indians? If I have lost my place in your hearts, and your love, and you do not want to fight, you will kill me today with your own hands. If I knew that you would be treated better by King Porus, I myself would deliver myself into your hands. But you must know that if anything happens to me none of you will ever see Macedonia again, or live much longer. Three cubits of earth will suffice to bury me, but you will live on wretchedly in a strange land, in slavery and servitude. Woe to those who betray their master, as you planned to betray me; you will die a horrible death hereafter. I myself will go and fight with Porus, king against king, and the armies can stay in their places.Alexander RomanceAlexanders speech to his army In the war with the Persians, no Greek soldier was injured; Dara was killed by his own slaves, and none of you suffered. I will continue on my way without you, and place my foot on the dragons teeth alone. You will see that the wretched Foor will have no desire for either battles or banquets when I have dealt with him. My help comes from God and the Persian army, and I have no need of Greek goodwill.ShahnamahHow the Noble King Alexander was Poisoned; Les Faicts et les Conquestes d’Alexandre le Grand , 1448Alexander died at the age of 33 years, and had been king for only 18 years. He was blessed with every good quality courage, beauty, wisdom, mercy, justice and gentleness. Alexander RomanceSekandar departed, and what remains of him now is the words we say about him. He killed thirty­six kings, but look how much the world remained in his grasp when he died. He founded ten prosperous cities, and those cities are now reed beds. He sought things that no man has ever sought, and what remains of him within the circle of the horizon is words, nothing more. Words are the better portion since they do not decay as an old building decays in the snow and rain. I have finished with Sekandar now, and with the barrier that he built may our days be fortunate and prosperous.”>Read lessyozgu posted a question· May 27, 2015 at 9:18am