You are required to focus on client’s content strategy and

You are required to focus on client’s content strategy and their use of social media. Your presentation should be ahypothetical pitch to the client. You will pitch your ideas on how the company could improve their profile throughsocial media. Your written report will be an analysis of their existing online presence and social media. You willprovide recommendations for improvement.This assignment is an exercise in researching and analysing how the organisation manages its social mediachannels. You are analysing this so you can develop a social media strategy.Part A – The research and analysis of your client’s businessYou will be given a client to work on. If you have your own business, a family business or a potential client of yourown, you may choose that business (if you can convince your group). It could a café, a media or sportingorganisation, a political party or a person i.e. celebrity, politician or athlete etc. Your client will be chosen for you butif you do have a family business, employer etc. here are some guidelines for choosing your own client.The business or person must have a clearly understood and observable content and social media strategy. (It doesn’tneed to be a good one!). Please do not choose a very large organisation with a large social media team i.e. amultinational corporation. This would be a pointless exercise because we can all Google that. They also have tobe large enough to have a social media presence so therefore cannot be a micro business. It should be a small tomedium size business up to 10 employees. Choosing the organisation if a very important part of this brief. You willbe marked down if you do not meet this.Your report should cover these areas, and answer these questions:1. Company backgrounda. How big is it? E.g. number of employeesb. How long has it been operating?c. Where is it based?d. What are its main areas of business?2. Content strategya. What type of content does the company generate? (e.g. video, technical papers, how-to guides, viral memes,blog posts, competitions, other types) Most companies will have multiple types.b. Who is the audience for this content? (e.g. existing customers/clients, new customers)c. Is it consumer focused content or business-to-business?3. Social media channelsa. List all the social media channels or platforms the company uses. This mayb. Include multiple sub-channels, e.g. Twitter accounts. [You will need to search Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, Instagram, and Snapchat etc.c. For each channel and sub-channel show how many likes or followers does the Company have?d. Show how frequent the posts are. Do they post daily, weekly or more frequently, or rarely?e. What type of content is posted on each channel? Is the content cross-posted to social media channels or is itexclusive to one channel?f. In your view, how does the company’s use of each specific social media channel serve the audience orcustomer?