You will write about Trifexis flea and heartworm parasite

You will write about Trifexis flea and heartworm parasite prevenetive and look up the MSDS for that product. ourinitial post over the material outlined , should be in your own words and of sufficient length to fully address the topic of conversation, including proper attribution of sources where applicable in APA format. Do not copy and paste from the internet.
As you investigate, please be sure to collect the information below for discussion. Keep in mind this is NOT a copy/paste activity (penalty for plagiarism is severe!). All of these topics must be addressed in detail to receive credit.   (A) Name and picture of product (B) Link to MSDS sheet (C) Hazardous ingredients (D) What do these ingredients do in the mixture? (E) Principle routes of exposure (F) Personal Protection recommended (usually in section 8) (G) Are your chemicals Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens or teratogens? (also known as hormonally active agents, endocrine disrupting chemicals, or endocrine disrupting compounds) This might require some additional research. Please cite your references. (H) Would you change your use of this product knowing what is in it?         (I) Are there alternatives to this product you would consider? Do they have the same or different hazards associated with th
TRIFEXIS Trifexis is a pharmaceutical product, containing spinosad and milbemycin oxime combinations. It ismarketed by the company, Elanco Animal Health.