1.Which of the following strategies is appropriate for

1.Which of the following strategies is appropriate for business units that search for market stability and produce only a limited product line directed at a narrow segment of the total potential market?Select one: A. Prospector competitive strategy B. Defender competitive strategy C. Analyzer competitive strategy D. Reactor competitive strategy2.Which of the following are strategic factors are often used in depicting strategic groups?Select one: A. Image and quality B. Quality and price C. Distribution access and image D. Market share and image3.The three generic types of competitive strategies areSelect one: A. vertical integration, diversification, and growth. B. cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. C. prospector, defender, and analyzer. D. build market share, maintain industry rank, and increase business strength.4.According to Porter, the appropriate competitive strategy is based on the organization’sSelect one: A. manufacturing operations. B. competitive advantage. C. public relations department. D. financial forecasts.5. According to Michael Porter, competitive advantage can come fromSelect one: A. having the lowest price in the industry. B. having the lowest costs in the industry. C. having the most efficient production process in the industry. D. having the most creative marketing strategies in the industry.