5 hours correct the mistake EDIT

5 hours correct the mistake EDIT

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My Daily Traffic routine The most exhausted seen you can ever imaging the my way to dar alhekma university


It all starts with the beautiful sun at 8:30 am on my way to the university. I come from the north high way to Abdul-Aziz university road, I don’t recommend anyone to take this road. Noisy and crowded I can call  it the War people who drives are so nervous and angry Everyone want to arrive to their destination so fast without any  respect to the others. it is not like any normal traffic it is massive traffic because everyone  is not following the traffic rules I feel very nervous just by seeing the overlapping cars also you can feel the anger just by looking to the drivers eyes you can see the their faces are turned to purple and his hand is moving toward the other driver to fight with him. Cars are so close to each other like if I opened my window I can touch the car that next to me, moving slowly for a seconds and stops for a minutes because of the randomly driving way. it is like a competition who will go first.  Buses are so noisy and dirty spreads the poisoning pollution everywhere you can even taste the diesel smell in your tongue and then it goes to your throat and the you cough my face is like a blowing face everything around me is negative and dark. Whenever I look to my watch I will never arrive on time because of the noisy massive traffic but at the end when I feel the I am close to school I try to forget this war and to smile before  i START MY Normal day