8.4 Document for Analysis: Direct Response (Obj. 3) Your

8.4  Document for Analysis: Direct Response (Obj. 3) Your Task. Analyze the following poorly written interoffice memo that reports information from a symposium. List at least five weaknesses. If
your instructor directs, revise the message.
Date:         March 4, 2012
To:             Trevor Kurtz, CEO From: Emily Lopez-Rush Subject:     Instant Messaging
Thanks for asking me to attend the Instant Messaging Symposium. It was sponsored by Pixel Link and took place March 2. Do you think you will want me to expand on what I learned at the next management council meeting? I believe that meeting is March 25.
Anyway, here’s my report. Jason Howard, the symposium leader told us that over 80 million workers are already using instant messaging and that it was definitely here to stay. But do the risks outweigh the advan- tages? He talked about benefits, providers, costs involved, and risks. The top advantages of IM are speed, documentation, and it saves costs. The major problems are spam, security, control, and disruptive. He said that the principal IM providers for consumers were AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.
Misuse of IM can result in reductions in productivity. However, positive results can be achieved with appropriate use. Although some employ- ees are using consumer IM services, for maximum security many organizations are investing in enterprise-level IM systems, and they are adopting guidelines for employees. These enterprise-level IM systems range in cost from $30 to $100 per user license. The cost depends on the  amount  of functionality.
This is just a summary of what I learned. If you want to hear more, please do not hesitate to call.