ACTIVITY 2: ASSESSMENT Reading: The “MND Australia Fact

ACTIVITY 2: ASSESSMENT Reading: The “MND Australia Fact Sheet on Multidisciplinary Teams –” outlines professional groups who could make up a multidisciplinary health care team for a patient with motor neurone disease (MND). Please read this fact sheet, answer the following questions, and upload your answers as part (a) of Question 2.This forms part of your assessment for this unit.1. Identify factors that determine which healthcare professionals are required to be involved in a health care team?2. Who should lead the health care team?3. Who is the most important member of the health care team?please choose one and upload the answers as part (b) of question 2. This forms part of your assessment for this unit.You are working in a health care team on a busy rehabilitation unit. Team meetings and patient reviews are conducted weekly. There has recently been a turnover of staff in the Physiotherapy department and a new representative from physiotherapy has joined the health care team. You notice although that this new member of the team members is often absent, fails to provide patient updates and when challenged on these issues is exceptional confrontational. This behaviour is not only impacting on the effectiveness of the health care team but also on patient outcomes. You are the designated team leader and need to find a resolution.Discuss the following questions1. What are the key issues in this situation?2. What strategies would you employ to address this situation??Activity 3As part of this module please undertake the following activity and add it to your written assessment. Please remember that this forms part of your assessment for this unit. You are a Registered Nurse on the afternoon shift on a short-stay (24 hours) surgical ward. One other RN, an EN and three AINs are also on duty. The NUM is off sick and the other RN is acting as NUM as well as taking a patient load. The ward is full: there are 22 patients, 14 of whom went to surgery in the morning, and 8 are going on your shift. Half of these patients have intravenous access and require antibiotics at some time during yourshift.ACTIVITY: Using your knowledge and experience of various patient allocation models (e.g. total patient care, team nursing and task allocation), outline how you would allocate the staff to the patients. Include in your discussion your rationale for the model of allocation chosen and the scope of practice of the various staff.