? Analyse with the help of a diagram the network monitoring

Part 1: ManageEngine OpManagerThe students explore ManageEngine OpManager by reviewing the literature including research papers,book chapters, and independent scholarly reports by experts, and research based videos. At leastthree articles related to technology supporting ManageEngine OpManager need to be analysed indepth by discussing the overall contribution, scope and limitations of each research work. Followingaspects related to ManageEngine OpManager must be discussed:? Network Performance Management? OpManager-perfect fit for network monitoring-why? Analyse with the help of a diagram the network monitoring and troubleshooting processPart 2: Applications of ManageEngine OpManagerStudents need to discuss both applications in each of the following domains supported byManageEngine OpManager? How does ManageEngine OpManager provide real-time availability monitor?? How does ManageEngine OpManager perform Network traffic analysis?Part 3: Compare ManageEngine OpManager with any other network management tool? Discuss in detail similarities and differences between the two