Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends,

The Brief.Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation in the ICT industry.Analysis of contemporary issues, opportunities, trends, challenges or innovation within an ICT Company (a company compatible with the student’s 5-year plan career aspirations is suggested, as the assignment may be of assistance as a sample of your work during a job interview). This will include considerations such as organisation/management structure, mission statement, company objectives, the market, ethics and business practices, ability to deliver on their business objectives through their people and processes, SWOT, dependencies, major projects, risks, issues and strategic forecasts. The Report will support exploration of business opportunities with the ICT Company. This work will assist the students in creating a plan (in Assignment 4) that will outline where they would like to be in five years.Note that depth of analysis of organizational ethics and ethical consideration of engagement is an important component of this work. You will be assessed on the following:i. Relevance of the selected topic and submission to the Assignment specificationii. Depth of analysis of topic related to ICT industry. This relates to depth and breadth of analyses of companies.iii. Quality of writing and clarity of content’s structureiv. Appropriate citation of sourcesv. Depth of analysis of organizational ethics and ethical consideration of engagement.Scenario.Team, this Assignment is an individual work and has been set up as a parallel to your individual Assignment 3 e-portfolio, to assist you with analysis of a company, perhaps one where you might like to be within five years.In this context, you are to choose a company (Company-1) within an ICT industry of your choice. The ICT industry will be relevant to your future interests within the ICT profession. Company-1 may be national or international and need not necessarily be Australian.The scenario is that you have either been contracted as a Consultant or Employee of Company-2.Company-2 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is about to visit Company-1. She will visit Company-1 shortly after you hand in your report, in order to investigate the possibility of developing a business relationship. Moreover, she will rely only upon your report as her preparation for visiting Company-1. In this context, you need to both analyse Company-1 and provide a report to Company-2 CEO so she if fully prepared and informed when she visits Company-1. No surprises!