Benefits â?? Who, What, Why, How,When? Stakeholder Tele

Benefits – Who, What, Why, How,When? Stakeholder Tele Medicine Major
A significant thought or finding is not a blurb or quote, but should convey a summary of an issue or issues
Issues/concepts/ideas to consider in your investigation may include but not be limited to:
1 What are the societal benefits?
2 What are the patient benefits?
3 What are the provider benefits?
4 How does society benefit? (This is a different question than #1 above When I ask how, I am seeking the ‘mechanism’ by which the benefits accrue Thus, if a societal benefit is reduced cost, then HOW does the cost get reduced?)
5 How does the patient benefit?
6 How does the provider benefit?
7 For each stakeholder category, how do the costs of technology and/or program investment compare to the benefits?
8 What are the current barriers in each case to realizing the benefits?
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