Biology and finance

Biology and finance




question 1


“Cells and Cancer” Please respond to the following: 

Note: Online students, please select one of the two subjects to discuss.


·                                 From the first e-Activity, explain how the blog post ties in with this week’s lessons. Indicate three significant ways this post tells us about the link between metabolism, apoptosis, and cancer, and provide an example with your response.


·                                 From the second e-Activity, discuss the main point of the article. Determine at least three benefits of the genetically modified bacteria described in the article. Give your opinion on what risks the genetically modified bacteria may pose to those receiving the cancer treatments. 






·                                 Go to the Science Blogs Website and read the blog post titled “ Dichloroacetate and cancer”, dated May 16, 2011, located at Be prepared to discuss.

·                                 Go to the Postcards from Winticomack Website and read the blog post titled, “Using genetically-modified bacteria to fight cancer at Johns Hopkins”, dated February 26, 2005, located at Be prepared to discuss.



question 2.


“Sexual Reproduction” Please respond to the following:

Note:  please select one of the two subjects to discuss.


·                                 Describe the major differences between Meiosis I and Meiosis II. Explain what you believe is the most significant difference in respect to sexual reproduction and explain why.


·                                 Discuss the advantages of sexual reproduction in plants over asexual reproduction. Determine if there are any disadvantages, and explain why or why not.







question 1


“Mortgage Markets” Please respond to the following:

·                                 Create an argument related to mortgage-back securities that either supports or does not support that the benefits outweigh the costs. Provide support for your argument.

·                                 From the first e-Activity, determine the best choice for you in today’s economic climate of either purchasing or refinancing a home. Support your response with details from fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. 



question 2


“Stock Offerings” Please respond to the following:

·                                 From the second e-Activity, consider your chosen company is pondering an IPO in the next six months. Develop a strategy for the chosen company to meet its stated objective. 

·                                 Take a position on the following statement: Investors should avoid investing in any penny stock. Support your position with evidence or examples. 



NOTE: This is e-activities to answer question 1 and 2 for finance




·                                 Research the Internet or the Strayer Library to find a company that is considering an IPO.  Be prepared to discuss.

·                                 Research the Internet or the Strayer Library to find a stock of your choice to determine if the stock is fairly valued. Be prepared to discuss.