Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google case study

Summarize the case by answering the following questions it is crucial you use the case for proof to your answers by providing numbers and data from it. – How do you explain the success of these firms? How and why did they come to dominate their respective industries? – Define the contested boundaries among Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. For each of the contested boundaries, how is the contest likely to play out? – Identify a firm that you know something about, for example a media company, a retailer or a manufacturing firm, with some involvement in the online economy. Which, if any, of the four comanies does it currently rely on? Might this reliance change? How might that firm (or Amadeus) hedge the risks it will face if there is a transition to one of the others? – What skills will be under-supplied in the future of the digital economy that you envisage?