Section 1: Introduction and background (8 Marks) · Describing the rationale for selecting the topic/issue · Demonstrating the process of scoping the selected topic/issue from the local to regional to global/international · Demonstrating the ability to thoroughly reviewing of existing literature · Demonstrating, from the review of the literature, the ability to form the aims and objectives of the topic/issue – specially to formulate the research question/s –
aims/objectives of the essay (Research question is discussed through course tutorial) · Demonstrating of understanding applying theories/concepts to real life to address significant public health issue/s related to the selected topic within the global health context
Section 2: Methodology/Collate information/Data collection (8 Marks) · Describing the methodology of conducting the examination of the selected issue/problem · Demonstrate the process of how to identify important sources of literature, previous reports, and related critical documents and systematically assess the relevance and quality of surveillance, health care services to address the selected question/topic · Describing the procedure/process of data/information collated/collection · Describing the implementation strategies/method for analysing collected/collated data · Demonstrating the ability to recognise the advantage/disadvantage of selected methodology.
Section 3: Results – Findings (12 Marks) · Demonstrating the ability to describing and discussing the results/findings within the context of the select topic (in accordance with the stated aims and objectives) · Demonstrating the ability to summary and identify the main/key point of the result/findings in relation to the selected issue/problem · Demonstrating the ability to discuss the finding with excellent reporting practice · Identifying and discussing any difficulties or limitations in your process of collecting and analysing data
Assessment Task 3 Page 3 of 5
Section 4: Discussion – Recommendation (14 Marks) · Discuss the current findings in relation to existing strategy(ies)/policy/intervention to deal with the issue/problems with the global health perspectives · Comment on any lesson learns from the current status of the responses/interventions/strategies to deal with the issue/problem with the global health perspectives · Discuss the current findings in relation to potential future challenges with the global health perspectives · Discuss the significances of the selected issues/problems from the global context · Comment on the implication of the selected issues/problems on public/population health with references to both the local and global level · Discuss/comment on the potential challenges arise from the chosen issue/problem · Discuss/comment on the potential strategy/responses to the chosen issue/problem · Demonstrate skill in describing the findings/results and make recommendation and suggestion related to public health research/practice with a global/international health perspective
Presentation: (4 Marks) · Overall format of the essay (consistence – professional look/layout – easy/friendly to read) · Grammar and scientific writing style · Comply with the requirement (page limited/font size/formatting/line spacing) Times new roman, font size- 12, line spacing- 1.5
Referencing: (4 Marks)
· Referencing(appropriateness,style andconsistency) APA 6th only.
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