Create a short presentation with commentary notes that

Task 1Create a short presentation with commentary notes (indicative word range 750–1,000 words) thatdescribes an innovative foundation or the whole of the substructure to any building of your choice.You can consider either a material, component or the complete substructure element.Your presentation should:• identify and explain any key issues relating to the sustainability and environmental impactand innovation of the foundation/substructure subject that you have chosen;• provide a conclusion, on the final slide, that critically appraises the value you think thissubject can bring to the construction industry;• consist of a maximum of 6 slides (4–5 slides are expected).The presentation can be prepared using the knowledge and experience you gained from the Week2 Activity ‘Innovative products’ and used for the Webinar, ‘Presentations, critical evaluation andappraisal’ in Week 3. There is guidance in the assignment week topic on how you may present thistask.Please check that the commentary notes for each slide are visible before you submit theassignment as a PDF file.ExampleYou could discuss: an innovative foundation or the complete substructure element that supports thesuperstructure above, a foundation method or material used in the substructure. Your presentationshould include comments on the sustainability and environmental impact, and whether you think itwill succeed and be a better option in the future over the more traditional foundation/substructuremethods.