e-design and modify the code for a system to schedule flight

For this assignment we are going to re-design and modify the code for asystem to schedule flight crews and aircraft for Mean Green Airlines thatwe started in Homework 3 and Homework 4.For this we will need the following entities, plus collections for each of theentities: Plane/Aircraft, Crew Member and Flight.The data for a Plane will contain at least the following: (no change from HW4)Make (e.g. Boeing)Model (eg 737)Tail Number (eg B171A)Number of Seats (eg 137)Range (e.g. 800 miles)minimum number of Cabin CrewYou may add other data needed for your implementation as well asyou will need accessor and mutator functions for the data.The data for a crew member will contain at least: (this has changed since HW4)NameID numberStatus (available, on leave, sick)The Crew Member class will be a base class for three child classes ofPilot, CoPilot and CabinPilot will need to add data for5 character rating codecumulative flight hours as pilotCoPilot will need data for4 character rating codecumulative flight hours as a CoPilotCabin crew will need data forPosition : First Class, Business Class EconomyFront, EconomyRear, Lead