Environmental engineering, business and finance assignment

1-The EPA provides reports (sometimes referred to as consumer confidence reports) that explain where your drinking water comes from and whether any contaminants are in the water.
Go to this information at the “Local Drinking Water Information” page of EPA’s Web
site,(http://water.epa.gov/drink/local/index.cfm). Look up the utility that serves your university and the largest city near your hometown. (a) What is the source of water? (b) Are there any violations? (c) If so, are they for physical, biological, or chemical constituents?
For this Question use , Washington State University At Richland WA 99352 or 99354. USA.
2-What are the major differences and similarities between the water quality of a typical surface water and typical groundwater source?

3-Research the use of a filtration method that provides household (point-of-use) treatment in the developing world. Write a one-page report that is clearly referenced. In your report, describe the technology and address these issues: Is the technology affordable to the local population?Does it use local materials and local labor for its construction? What are the observed health improvements after implementation of the treatment system? What specific training do you believe is required to ensure proper operation of the technology?

4-Visit the Web site for the World Health Organization (www.who.org). Write a referenced essay of up to two pages about a particular pathogen and associated disease that is transmitted through contaminated water. What is the global extent of the public health crisis in terms of spatial and population effects? Does the disease affect wealthy or poor communities? What are the social and engineered barriers that can be used to reduce human exposure to the specific pathogen?
5-What is the source of drinking water in the town where you currently live (groundwater,surface water, reclaimed water, or a mixture)? Sketch the unit processes used to treat this water in order of occurrence as currently practiced. What water constituent(s) does each unit process remove? My town is Richland city At WA, USA.
6-Identify three significant water users in your town or city that could benefit from the use of reclaimed water. What economic, social, and environmental challenges do you see that might need to be overcome before you can implement your plan for these users to use reclaimed water?What would you do as engineer to overcome these barriers? As i said My town is Richland WA, USA.

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