Financial Analysis Microsoft Corporation

Financial Analysis Microsoft Corporation

As a financial consultant, what recommendations would you propose to Microsoft Corporation based on your findings? This added value content should include conclusions and recommendations for the firm going forward (as if you were a consultant for the firm). Adding value means having detailed conclusions and recommendations. Having detailed RECOMMENDATIONS and being able to JUSTIFY them are VERY IMPORTANT!


Recommendations & Justifications” need to be a minimum of 1,000 words and concluding thoughts should be 250 words minimum.


Recommendations & Justifications: You will use the Recommendations in the given formatted word file (or make up some of your own) and justify whether the firm should go along with the recommendation.


Concluding thoughts: include what the potential is for your chosen company if they are able to execute your recommendations and the ramifications if they do not.



SWOT Analysis and Executive summary also included in the Unit 3 Assignment 2 document.