freedom of religious outline my portion of the paper is is

freedom of religious outline
my portion of the paper is is highlighted it only needs to be about 200 words or less in the form of an outlineSelect a current social issue related to the rights of ethnic or social groups.Research the subject and existing action plans designed to solve the issue.Develop a 1,500- to 2,000- word comprehensive speaking outline of your proposition to promote equal rights. A speaking, or sentence outline, is essentially your entire paper written or speech written in outline form.  If you were to give a speech based on your paper, you could use the speaking outline to read your paper, hence the name.  However, though outlining is a fundamental skill, it is not always something all of us have practiced recently or it may even be a concept that is not readily familiar to you at all.  Therefore, examples and further guidance on constructing a speaking outline will be posted in the Main Forum once class begins.
This form of outlining requires you to outline and structure your thoughts under Headings (I, II, etc.), with sub-headings (A., B.), points (1, 2, 3) and sub-points (a,b,c) under each heading, sub-heading, and point.  You will still include almost all of the content you would in a traditional paper, but rather than having transitory paragraphs and transition statements, you will simply overlay your paper an outline structure and when you finish with topic A (e.g immigration) you will simply move to topic B (e.g enforcement) rather than trying to write a transition of form a smooth segue.
Within your sentence or speaking outline, Be sure to include the following:The issues, challenges, and opportunities experienced by this groupBasic synopsis of both ‘sides’ of the equal rights issueThe legal framework relating to this issueSummary of existing or proposed solutions of from different groups or locales that are currently or have previously addressed the issue. (e.g. if you were dealing with gay rights, you might need to discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or civil unions as previous potential solutions to the issue)Your team’s compromise solution (adapted from previously existing solutions) or a new solution devised by your team as an alternative to existing solutionsInclude at least ten properly formatted academic** references
**NOT Wikipedia or any other such user-supplied contentRefer to Grading Rubric for additional assignment requiremenOutline your proposition in WordInclude at least ten academic references in your research.Format your outline consistent with APA guidelines.
here is a link to the deformation that our team has already surrounded our project around.
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Religious freedom is guaranteed in the United States constitution in the first amendment. This stems from the fact that the church and the state are two separate entities, thus the activities of one entity should not affect the welfare of the other (Evans, 2001). This is the reason why there are no laws made to regulate the activities of the church. This concept was formulated and advocated by the then American President Thomas Jefferson………………..
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